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The Underpass.

August 24th2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-08-24T07:55:59-06:00 | Ultra4, Vegas to Reno

Chasing and shooting a 534 mile race is a lot of fun. After each stop, you find yourself studying the course map, trying to best figure out “where should I head next”. Right before Pit 9, mile marker 307, there was a spot where the course crossed highway 95. This wasn’t uncommon, except at this point the map was marked “Underpass”. Although sectioned off with fence and barbed wire, we managed to navigate our way down to the course where, in fact, racers had to negotiate their way UNDER the highway.

We managed to grab this shot of Erik Miller, who barely slowed down as he flew thru the Underpass. It was a tight squeeze no doubt, still trying to imagine what this looked like with the Trophy and Class 1 classes.