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There’s fast, than there’s Miller.

October 2nd2012
 By Thom Kingston on 2012-10-02T15:55:32-06:00 | TORC, Ultra4

Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Erik Miller is fast, so fast in fact he typically has one or two tires in the air when navigating the course. Here’s evidence of the latter. ┬áDay one of Ultra4 short course racing which took place last weekend went very well for Erik, finishing the day with a 2nd place podium finish. Day two was going just about as well, until Erik hit a rut coming into the final stretch of his lap, causing him to roll. The officials flipped him back, and Erik continued on. He managed to pull ahead to 3rd, but right before crossing the finish the same rut from earlier got him again, this time for good. His rig is a bit banged up, and the motor didn’t sound too happy either, but we suspect his team Miller Motorsports will be back in action in time for the Ultra4 Nationals in November.