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Winner Winner — 2013 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede

April 8th2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-04-08T08:00:41-06:00 | Stampede

Winner winner.Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

There’s really no better way to say it, the 2013 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede delivered in a big, big way. From qualifying to checkered, spectators and racers (and there were lots of both) were given a weekend full of non stop action. It was a close battle down to the very end with driver skill & attrition playing equal roles in deciding the victor.

The race format was a nice mix up from the Stampede’s of past. Set on the hill sides of Rancho Cordova, CA, teams were matched-up against a short course style landscape, but not without the Ultra4 touch of rock sections. There were a number of rock sections to battle, making the lap based playing field that much more level between IFS and solid axle rigs. What made the Nor Cal Stampede work so well was its course layout, which managed to keep the competition close until the very end. When the dust finally settled, out of 48 vehicles it was Jason Scherer and his Spider 9 powered IFS Ultra4 racer that took top honors. A huge congratulations to Jason and his team for an incredibly well run race, and a well deserved win.

In typical fashion, we’ll be posting up photos throughout the week from the 2013 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede (2 photos a day till Friday). Pretty sure everyone is going to dig this photo set, the action really was insane. Also, before we forget, there’s yet another Ultra4 race about to get underway, the WIDIA Rausch Creek Qualifiier this Saturday in Pine Grove, PA. We’ll be there as well, catching all of the action, and we’ll be sure to share that story next week. Till then, enjoy the photos from the 2013 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede, and congrats again to all of the finishing drivers and teams.

Finish Driver Name Car # KOH Qual
1 Jason Scherer 76 Pre-Qual
2 Loren Healy 67 Pre-Qual
3 Wayland Campbell 3 Pre-Qual
4 Kevin Sacalas 4435 *
5 Jason Blanton 966 Pre-Qual
6 JT Stephens 4454 *
7 Brian Wood 510 *
8 Jake Hallenbeck 4775 *
9 Jeff Russell 4427 *
10 Alex Hardaway 4481 *
11 Jim Brown 104
12 Damen Nikolakakis 50
13 Ivan Van Ortwick 4466
14 Douglas Evans 4457
15 Mike Trebino 4449
16 Andy Brown 4455
17 Jake Yeoman 1977
18 Marcos Gomez 4486
19 Shannon Campbell 5 Pre-Qual
20 Kevin Yoder 4434 Pre-Qual
21 Gary Ferravanti 4476

Source: Ultra4Racing.comĀ