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The all new Pro Series Housing.

April 30th2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-04-30T12:47:24-06:00 | Spider 9


With back to back rock racing competition coverage, we haven’t had a chance to share the exciting news on our Pro Series Housing. Already a staple product in the Ultra4 scene, the all new Pro Series Housing takes off-road racing to the next level. Today’s Pro Series Housing is stronger (heat treated tubes, accepts 9″ & 10″ gears), more versatile (68″ OAL, works with standard and mid-engine setups), and just down right sexier (tig finished, machined face) than any housing we’ve ever created. In stock, with same day shipping, be sure to check it out  over at http://www.spidertrax.com/Spider9-Housing-65C35YT .