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Levi takes 1st in qualifying. Epic racing in Whales to follow.

August 9th2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-08-09T17:23:44-06:00 | King of the Valleys


We’ve been a bit behind on posts this week, but for good reason. While we make a point to make every Ultra4 race here in the States, we have yet to leave the county for racing abroad. That has officially changed as we write this post, direct from Wales UK, right at the heart of this years The King of the Valleys. No doubt about it, we’re having a blast out here.

Today, August 9th, marked the first day of action, namely the prologue (much like qualifying in the states, but lap times do count toward the final score). Wouldn’t you know, the fastest prologue time of the day went to Levi Shirley. That’s right, Levi and his Lucky Dog Racing team is here representing America, and they kicked things off right. His final time was 0:08:38, nearly 2 minutes ahead of the next best time. Congrats to Levi and his team for a great start to this weekend’s race.

We’re here for the entire weekend, and in typical fashion we’ll be helping teams and capturing a few photos along the way. By the time we get back to Spidertrax HQ, it will likely be Wednesday of next week. So, if you’re looking for the most up to date scores, best to head to http://www.kingofthevalleys.co.uk/index.php/follow/livefeed . Racing continues tomorrow and wraps up on Sunday. Best of luck to all drivers and teams this weekend, we’re looking forward to some great racing!