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Loren Healy wins in Hot Springs; solid axles are cool again.

August 22nd2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-08-22T08:16:08-06:00 | Ultra4s at Superlift

Solid Axles are Cool Again -- 2013 Ultra4s at SuperliftSpidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Ultra4s wrapped up theĀ 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series this weekend with the Ultra4s at Superlift competition. Set in the backwoods of Hot Springs, AK, the near 24 mile 4 lap course proved once again east coast terrain can be as challenging as any. Rocks, boulders, and trees provided a tight landscape for Ultra4 drivers, with rock speed and endurance playing the vital role for victory. In the end, it was Loren Healy who took top honors with an over 4 minute lead. Most exciting about this win was Loren’s vehicle choice. Rather than race his desert style IFS buggy, he opted to buy back his older solid axle Ultra4 Spider 9 powered machine. This proved pretty ingenious, as Loren’s guess about the solid axle advantage was right on. Congrats to Loren, glad to see he still knows how to drive solid axle and thanks for making solid axles cool again!

In typical fashion, we have a few photos to share from the race. They’ll include not only the main Ultra4 race, but the Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer showdown the evening of. That in and of itself was worth the journey out, and for those that haven’t heard it was Shannon Campbell who took top honors that evening. It was a good time by all, and as it came down to the final rigs battling it out for the fastest time, it wasn’t about Ultra4 vs Rock Bouncer. Rather, all the crowd cared about was seeing if anyone could beat the fastest time. It was a great way to end the day, and we’re looking forward to next year’s race already.

With that said, we’ll get on posting some photos. Below are the final race times, courtesy of Ultra4Racing.com.

Start Order Car # Driver Name elapsed time KOH Qual
1 67 Loren Healy 02:13:16.6
2 26 Clay Gilstrap 02:17:55.2
3 4420 Derek West 02:20:42.3
4 4433 Adam Carter 02:43:16.0 yes-1
5 4403 Ben Dinkins 02:54:42.0
6 890 Jonathan Terhune 02:56:48.2
7 5 Shannon Campbell 03:04:54.7
8 4440 Travis Cook 03:13:34.6
9 4580 Jordan Townsend 03:20:36.8
10 914 Joe Lawson 03:38:20.0 yes-2
11 42 Aaron Peters 04:05:36.0 yes-3
12 6 Shelby Gilstrap 04:16:07.7 yes-4
13 4414 Jason Shipman 04:16:11.9
14 49 Matt Burkett 04:17:34.0
15 4418 Mike Colville 04:25:16.1
16 366 John Sweet 04:26:27.7 yes-5
17 7 Adam Macke 04:45:12.8 yes-6
18 4407 Randy Rodd 04:56:15.4 yes-7
19 4421 Erik Miller DNF
20 192 Kenny Blume DNF
21 4492 Michael Bergman DNF
22 108 Cody Consford DNF
23 69 Toby Harrell DNF
24 21 Kyle Bruso DNF
25 512 Jeremy Dickenson DNF
26 486 Carl Langerhans DNF