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Congress is in session; the National’s are back on.

September 19th2013
 By Thom Kingston on 2013-09-19T13:00:35-06:00 | National Championship

Congress is in Session -- 2012 W.E.Rock Round 1Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Yeah, remember that post a few days ago, where we said the National’s were cancelled? Well, they were, keyword here is were. They’re back on, same time but different venue. Ultra4 drivers from around the country were having none of that no National’s discussion, and spoke up load and clear. “The National’s need to happen this year”, they rejoiced, “regardless of location”. So, here we are, getting ready to head to Congress, AZ next weekend (September 28th) for the Ultra4 National’s.

This updated spot is a bit familiar to us. We’ve hit a few W.E.Rock rock crawls in Congress, as evidence from the photo we shot here of rock master Jason Feuilly, and can say, as far as the rocks go, it’s the real deal. After speaking briefly with Dave Cole, Ultra4 owner and grand master, sounds like we’ll have somewhere around 20 miles of rock racing terrain to work with (unconfirmed, don’t quote us on this one). Couple this with over 40 already confirmed top Ultra4 drivers, and we’re going to have ourselves a National’s.

We’ll, we have some planning to do ourselves, but rest assured we’ll be (back) in Congress for this years Ultra4 National’s. Event details can be found on Ultra4Racing.com @ http://ultra4racing.com/the-inside-line/2013-nitto-tire-national-championship-is-back-on-in-arizona/ . Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!