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You would be smiling too if you won $7,000.

February 4th2014
 By Thom Kingston on 2014-02-04T07:00:22-07:00 | King of the Hammers

It's Good to be King -- 2014 King of the HammersSpidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

Last night was simply off the hook. A two in the morning idea, spawned by Dave Cole and friends many months ago, turned out to be one very cool addition to the KOH week. Monday nights SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks Shoot Out was simple in form,  borrowing from the previously successful Hot Springs, AK Ultra4s at Superlift shootout run (event photos from that over at http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHMDsty ). Namely, a timed shoot out style race capitalizing on the East meets West, or Ultra4 vs Rockbouncer, theme. As was the case back in Hot Springs, the X vs Y theme was just the tease, really all  anyone cared about was “could the best time be beat!”. Back to last night,  we got to see this play out once again, this time though we watched the action unfold on one of the most well-known KOH obstacles, Back Door.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning the prize for fastest time last night was $7,000. That’s not all, fastest “other coast” driver took home $3,000, and the best showman took home $2,500. The rules, start at the bottom of Back Door, and launch up as fast as possible. This lead to a night of roll overs, axles driving away from their vehicles, a cowboy “stripper” dancing on top of their rig (that’s not a typo, this actually happened), and of course those that blasted their way to the top in record time.

So, the title and photo likely gave this one away, but it was KOH native and current king Randy Slawson that captured the fastest time (about 30.5 seconds ). Smooth, fast, effortless… basically what you would expect from the king. Congrats to Randy and the Bomber Fab crew for taking top honors at the SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks Shoot Out. Be sure to stay tuned to all the action on http://ultra4racing.com/live/ , we’re just getting warmed up!