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Can your Mini do this?

March 14th2014
 By Thom Kingston on 2014-03-14T07:31:02-06:00 | Spider 9

Amazing the things you find browsing the YouTubes late at night. Big thanks to Spidertrax’s International Ambassador Levi Shirley for finding and sending this one in. Wish we knew more about its origin, what we do know French daredevilĀ Guerlain Chicherit has our respect. Check out the blue Ultimate Unit Bearing caps at 1:14, we were pretty blown away as well when we spotted it.

The promo video below does an even better job of showing off those Spider 9s, give it a pause at 0:48. We’ve always promoted Spider 9s as being a well versed high performance axle, this video seems to take that to an all new level. Good times!