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Almost forgot, The Scottish Start Line.

June 5th2014
 By Thom Kingston on 2014-06-05T09:19:04-06:00 | King of the Glens

It’s day one, and as often is the case for new uncharted racing venues, drivers and spectators have that big first day unanswered question “Where to I go?”. You have to follow your instincts, and GPS, so that first racing morning I ventured off to the “official” start line, which was a solid hike from the main pits and away from pretty much everything else. It was a gamble, but man did that gamble paid off.

With Scotland’s flag in hand, Maxxis girl Rachel Robertson counted down the times, waving on each racer in 2 minute progressions. Rachel is from Glasgow, and while I found most Scottish accents easy to understand during my trip, Rachel was the exception. She was the nicest and sweetest girl I encountered the entire time, but I couldn’t understand a single thing she was saying. It was awesome.

It gets better. American racers Levi Shirley & Terry Madden were at the very end of the line, so I waited, excited to see just how they handled the accent of Glasgow. I only had the one mic, so you can’t hear Levi & Terry, but the text overlays are taken straight from the cockpit. It was a great way to start the day.