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Buckle up, it’s time for a blowout!

September 11th2014
 By Thom Kingston on 2014-09-11T12:35:14-06:00 | Sturgis Blowout

It's Time for a Blowout -- 2012 TORC Rounds 5 & 6
Spidertrax | Thom Kingston | CC BY 3.0

What do you get when you mix Ultra4 racing, monster trucks, trail rids, & mud bogs in a non-stop weekend of action packed madness? The all new Sturgis Off-Road Blowout of Sturgis, KY. Organized and home to the Ultra4 racing mad man himself, Bill Baird, the Sturgis Off-Road Blowout event will host the final East Coast Ultra4 event of the 2014 season. Designed to be more than just your average short course race, the events as they sit now effectively guarantee a good time by all. Couple that with over 40 registered Ultra4 drivers, and we are going to have ourselves the ultimate final east coast showdown.

With that, consider the rest of this post a cheat sheet of exactly what’s happening with Ultra4 over the next few days. First up, location.

Location for Ultra4s


The little map is a big help, considering Sturgis, KY is a pretty small town (at least it appears to be via Google Maps). Ultra4s will race on the Sturgis Motorplex, as pictured above, of which appears to be a short course style track. Other events as part of the Sturgis Off-Road Blowout are taking place up the road on highway 60 (just head north).

Schedule of Events


As I write this, Facebook is lighting up (is that what it does?) with Ultra4 drivers already arriving into town. Gates opened today, and festivities carry on all the way till Sunday. For Ultra4s, the two big days are Friday for qualifying and the main race on Saturday, between 10am – 4pm.

And that about covers it. We’re exciting for this east coast season finale, and for the new Kentucky venue. Here’s to a great weekend of racing!