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The All New Pro Series 4″ Housing

May 27th2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-05-27T07:59:33-06:00 | Spider 9

Pro Series 4" Housing

We are proud to release the all new Pro Series 4″ Housing, our strongest Spider 9 yet. We put so much into this design, we know Ultra4 racers are going to appreciate every little detail they find here. This also happens to be the same rear housing under Loren Healy’s record-breaking Red Dragon, so know this housing isn’t just about looks, it’s about 1st place finishes. Be sure to head over to http://www.spidertrax.com/4in-Pro-Series-Housing┬áto learn more about our latest Spider 9 creation. Pro Series 4″ Housings are in-stock and ready to ship same day (as of this post). Happy Wednesday.