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Glen Helen Recap by DsquaredRacing Racing

July 28th2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-07-28T07:00:18-06:00 | Glen Helen Grand Prix

DsquaredRacing |© All Rights Reserved

DsquaredRacing |© All Rights Reserved

This year’s Glen Helen was one hot race. Not weather wise, temperatures were quite forgiving for a change, rather the racing was as intense as one could hope for. While I love reading editorial race recaps from photographers and promoters, nothing beats a recap straight from the racer themself.

Enter DsquaredRacing, the race team makings of husband & wife Darren and Darlene Henke. With their Spider 9 IFS powered Ultra4 racer, they dish it out every race, and as racing goes some races are better than others. They had a commanding position for most of their Glen Helen weekend, until a jump decided it wanted the best of their front chassis (bulk-head). As such, their finish wasn’t quite where they wanted it to be, but their story is still one worth listening to.

You can read their entire race recap BY CLICKING HERE. Also a fun mention, Darren & Darlene are running Spidertrax 40 splined IFS front diff shafts, they are the first team to install and test these. A bit untraditional as it requires a spool, but for those IFS racers looking for a similar setup you can purchase these shafts by calling an order in. They are not a standard stocking item (which is the reason why it’s not on the website), but they are certainly available for purchase.