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Bronco Fun-Runner LT Debuts at SEMA

November 1st2022
 By Thom Kingston on 2022-11-01T12:55:29-06:00 | Ultra4

For a few years now, we’ve been showing off the insanely capable 4600 Bronco built, and Spider 9 powered Ultra4 vehicles. If you were thinking to yourself, “What do I have to do to get one of these?” your question has been answered. RTR Vehicles and the Fun-Haver Off-Road team is currently offering this build package for public sale, and for those making the trip to SEMA this year you can see one in person at the PROJECT X booth #61211 on Tuesday (11/1). Full press release from the RTR Team is below.

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA, NOVEMBER 1, 2022 – With the demand for vehicles with extreme capability higher than ever, RTR Vehicles and the Fun-Haver Off-Road team introduces the Bronco Fun-Runner LT (Long Travel). With 18-inches of FOX controlled suspension travel, Ultra4-proven portal axles, 42-inch tires and more, comes a Bronco capable of conquering King of the Hammers like terrain that will become available for purchase by consumers. Sign up at funhaver.com/funrunner-lt for more information and to be kept in the loop. The Bronco Fun-Runner LT debuts at the PROJECT X booth #61211 9:00am Tuesday, 11/1 at the 2022 SEMA Show.

Improving on the Fun-Runner Bronco that debuted at Ford’s SEMA display in 2021—the result of a secret vehicle program developed by the Fun-Haver Off-Road team of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy alongside Ford Performance. The covert operation was to find the limits of the new Ford Bronco by putting 6th gen Bronco chassis under the body of a Ford Ranger prior to the 6th generation Bronco being released. The Bronco Fun-Runner adds a host of additional parts that make it capable of tackling terrain only dreamed of by the most extreme off-road vehicles, in a road-friendly package.

The championship-winning Fun-Haver Off-Road team have been working on the development of the Bronco LT all year through dreaming and winning King of the Hammers in the 4600 class and ultimately earning the Ultra4 USA East Coast Championship.

“We wanted to make this accessible for the 1-percent that dream like Loren and I,” said Vaughn Gittin Jr. The Fun-Runner LT is capable of up to 42-inch tires thanks to a set of the same billet portals that are used in Fun-Haver Off-Road and Ford Performance’s 4600 race Bronco. The Bronco LT is an optional upgrade to the standard Fun-Runner following additional testing and final validation. All the Fun-Haver Off-Road team’s developed parts are expected to be sold and distributed through PROJECT X Off-Road starting Q1 2023. And of course, all the RTR Vehicles’ products are available now if you can catch them while they are in stock as demand has been extremely high!

QUOTE FROM VAUGHN: “We are developing these products and packages for hardcore off-roaders like us! We have been lucky enough to have spent a ton of time with the amazing new Bronco over the past few years and I am very excited we can share the resulting products and packages that RTR and Fun-Haver Off -Road will be offering to the market!”

QUOTE FROM LOREN: “The Fun-Runner Bronco LT is everything we have been dreaming of doing to a 6th-gen Bronco since day 1!” It’s the perfect mix of modern aggressive design RTR is known and loved for paired with the hardcore ruggedness Fun-Haver Off-Road is inspired by! It’s a well-mannered street driven vehicle that can handle any off-road adventure you can throw at it.”

One of the many additions that is noticed immediately on the Bronco Badlands donor vehicle is the and stylish and functional Fun-Haver exterior parts such as the uniquely styled Fun-Haver fiberglass wide fenders, modular front bumpers with integrated PROJECT X PL.30 lights and high clearance rear bumper as well as weld-on Rock sliders. The RTR grille with integrated lighting and the RTR spare tire carrier were added for some modern aggressive styling. The plug and play RTR light bar with five PROJECT X FF.70 lights were added to light up the night.

Carrying the fun inside, RECARO Cross Sportster ORV seats that we’re developed by RECARO and the Fun-Haver Off-Road team to give all four passengers next level safety containment with game changing comfort.

The Fun-Haver Off-Road team has been working very closely with its partners at PROJECT X to change the game as we know it in the off-road market with integrated and functional upgrades. In addition to the lighting products previously mentioned, the Fun-Runner LT is equipped with the groundbreaking Project X “GHOST BOX,” which makes installing accessories easier than ever with minimal wiring runs and relays thanks to next-generation wireless technology for a seamless accessory controlled ecosystem. The Ghost Box can be controlled via a phone app or with an in-cabin push button panel.

Ready to fly, the Bronco Fun-Runner LT builds upon learnings from wheeling the most demanding terrain, to racing and winning in the Ultra4 series into this Bronco Fun-Runner LT. Featuring Fun-Haver long-travel suspension that is equipped with race-winning 74 Weld portals, Fun-Haver spec FOX Performance Elite 2.5 coilovers with 16-inches of travel up front and FOX Performance 3.0 bypasses in the rear with 18-inches of travel while equipped with King of the Hammers bred Nitto Tire 42-inch Trail Grapplers.

Please Note: While some part delays would not allow install prior to the debut, the Fun-Haver Off-Road Team has developed a hydraulic steering solution to handle the massive loads from tires larger than 35-inches, which will be seen during the Fun-Having that is sure to happen from behind the wheel!

Visit funhaver.com/funrunner-lt to stay in the loop on the Fun-Runner Bronco LT and the complete line of Fun-Haver Offroad developed parts that will be sold through PROJECT X available Q1 2023. Complete specs below, and you can see the Bronco Fun-Runner XLT in person at the PROJECT X booth 61211 West Hall.