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1480 Portal Stub Shafts

September 29th2023
 By Thom Kingston on 2023-09-29T08:00:00-06:00 | Spider 9

For over fifteen years, Spider 9 axles have powered more top podium finishes than any other axle on the planet. From the early days of 26 spline Suzuki Samurai shafts to the latest gun-drilled 45 spline Ultra4 racing axles, we take pride in making the industry’s best axle shaft for any off-road application.

We are proud to release these latest H1 Portal 32 spline axle shafts with that same spirit in mind, now sized for 1480 u-joints. This one-piece billet axle shaft is manufactured from our race-proven E4340 chromoly material. Every cross-section is optimized to provide the highest strength in a webbed design capable of a massive 50 degrees of steering. Coupled with our precision in-house turning, milling, and splining operations, this stub shaft will perfectly fit an H1 Portal box every time.