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Rock Bug Weekday Update for November 20, 2008

November 22nd2008

Rock Bug as of 20-Nov-2008
Originally uploaded by Spidertrax

Another week goes by and like many projects we seem to be waiting on other parts to arrive for progress to continue. The custom Scat engine plate we setup to machine on Monday the 17th and has yet to start due namely to a missing MSD tone ring. For those with a good eye, you may have also noticed we are missing a large portion of finished chassis work in the front of the bug. This section is waiting for some quadruple bi-pass shocks (you read it correctly, not triple bi-pass but quadruple). Good news here is mock-up shocks from King are scheduled to arrive at our shop on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Despite any negative vibes above, the week wasn’t a total loss by any measure. We have managed to finish up the chassis welding which allowed us to move the buggy off the jig and onto free stands. From here, we were able to position the front and rear knuckles, cycle the suspension, and check for max steering. Max steering angle is set to 50 degrees, achievable only with our Ultimate 60 Knuckles. All looks perfect which is a good way to end the week.

That does it for this weekday update. Be sure to follow along on Flickr too where we are posting pictures and video daily.

Say Hello to The Rock Bug

November 19th2008

Rock Bug as of 19-Nov-2009

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Say hello to who?!?! You read it correctly, the all new Rock Bug. What exactly is a Rock Bug? The Rock Bug is an all new buggy design straight from the labs of Spidertrax. Get ready, what we are developing here goes way beyond your typical chassis build.

The goal of the Rock Bug is to create a whole new platform for aggressively testing the working limits of ultra high strength, ultra light weight product designs. When we say working limits, we aren’t talking just about show and shine either. The Rock Bug is set to debut at the 2009 King of the Hammers competition, driven by its proud owner, rock crawling champion Tracy Jordan.

We just got started so sit back, relax, hit refresh on your browser a million times, and enjoy the progress. We will be posting updates here, as they happen, and will make a point to highlight all the new innovations the Rock Bug brings. Be sure to check out our Flickr photo & video set too at Till next time!

Should I Be Worried That This Looks Normal To Me

November 17th2008

This morning I was working on porting all of our Google Videos over to our new YouTube account “Spidertrax TV” at After uploading the various videos ranging from competition footage to in-house manufacturing, I had to laugh at myself when I can across this one titled “Roll Over Recovery Made Easy”.

At first, I watched it as if nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Here is a vehicle rolling down a hill and then is lucky enough to land on all four tires. As if that wasn’t enough, the driver just moves on as if nothing had happened.

Having been involved in this line of business for over a decade now, watching vehicles roll has become common place in my mind. A little scary now that I sit back and think about what is actually happening in this video. From a perceptive outside this sport, this has to be complete insanity! I will have to do a better job in remembering this when talking to others about what I do :-).

Photography Work on Chromly Links

November 16th2008

Basic Layout (After)

Originally uploaded by Spidertrax

Just finished up some photography work on our upcoming 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Links. Check out the work in progress on our Flickr account where I posted some basic before and after “poser” pictures. As far as technical details on the chromoly links, I went ahead and added some decent descriptions on the photos in Flickr to get you started. I will be sure to come back here and layout a detailed technical review before the product goes live on our store.