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Rock Bug W.E.Rock Update for Round 2 Day 2

May 3rd2009
 By Thom Kingston on 2009-05-03T20:00:00-06:00 | The Rock Bug, W.E.Rock

Tracy & The Rock Bug were in amazing form today, dominating Day 2 and paving the way for one of the most incredible comebacks in W.E.Rock history.  The Scat V4 was running great and, with the exception of the Dana 300 t-case “splitting” issue as described in Day 1, the Rock Bug was working fantastic.  Tracy  finished yesterday in 10th place but, by the end of Day 2, he was sitting in 5th place and secured a spot in the final shootout.

When it was Tracy’s turn in the shootout, the t-case “splitting” issue caused the Rock Bug to roll hard on a bonus descent, locking Tracy into his 5th place position. Although we’re still blown away by the amazing comeback and overall performance of the Rock Bug, the Dana 300 will be replaced by an Atlas in time for the next competition.  The issue of t-case “splitting” is not just hurting the performance of the Rock Bug but is creating dangerous situations like that seen in the Shootout roll over video below.  It is the opinion of the Rock Bug team that time spent swapping the Dana 300 for an Atlas is better used then trying to fix the “splitting” issue in the Dana 300 itself.

Last, but certainly not least, a special congratulations goes out to all the teams running Spidertrax Spider 9 Axles & Components.  In W.E.Rock’s Round 2, Spider 9 Axles & Components have secured 7 of the top 10 spots including both 1st place positions in Unlimited and Pro Mod classes!

W.E.Rock Round 2: Unlimited Top 5 Running Spider 9 Axles & Components 
1st: Jesse Haines
3rd: Jason Paule
4th: Brent Bradshaw
5th: Matt Messer

W.E.Rock Round 2: Pro Mod Top 5 Running Spider 9 Axles & Components
1st: Brad Lovell
2nd: Bill Kunz
5th: Tracy Jordan

Enjoy the videos below of the Rock Bug in action on Day 2.  Tip: If you have a fast connection and computer, hit the “HD” button in the video window to watch the movie in full High Definition.

Course A2

Course A3

Course A4

Course A1

Course Shootout