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The 2015 Croatia Trophy is Underway

May 1st2015
 By Thom Kingston on 2015-05-01T12:54:28-06:00 | Croatia Trophy


Europe’s biggest 4×4 event is currently underway, The Croatia Trophy, and we’ve already spotted a few Spider 9 axles dishing out the madness. It’s an awesome endurance race, 8 days of non-stop driver/spotter/vehicle punishment, and the video is just a blast to watch.  Daily coverage coming out of World4x4 Magazine ( https://www.facebook.com/world4x4 )​ is just fantastic, here’s their video of Day 2 which just wrapped up. Spotted Jim Marsden of Ultra4 Europe fame in there, who was looking great up to this point. Still early, and still anyones game.